Course description

The Cape Falcon Kayak Pedal Drive System is a modification that allows you to install a Hobie Mirage Drive or any other type of “flipper” drive into one of our skin-on-frame canoes.

This same adapter box can also be used to install a Bixpy electric motor, and potentially even a small daggerboard for a moderately sized upwind sailing rig.

Every part of this system was designed to be as simple and reliable as possible and all components except for the base plate are removable, making it easy to convert your canoe back to a normal paddling canoe.

This combined video course and plan set contains detailed instructions for how to build the adapter plate, the drive box, the seat and tiller assembly, and the kick up rudder. We also offer a free canoe sizing consult, and email and phone support throughout your build.

Course curriculum

    1. Pedal Drive Course Introduction

    2. Working Accurately (don't skip this video)

    3. Parts overview

    4. Various Jigs

    5. Epoxy Supplies

    6. Reinforcing the Canoe Stems for the Rudder

    7. Planning for and Clamping the Baseplate. (this video is deliberately out of sequence to help you plan, it will be shown later as well)

    8. UPDATES, Always read the updates!!

    9. Reinforcing the Drive Box Ribs

    1. Free SAMPLE Plan Set

    2. Downloadable PDF Plan Set

    1. T-Nut Setting Overview, Don't Skip this Video!

    2. Laying Out the Baseplate and Drilling the Attachment Holes

    3. Cutting the Drive Hole and Checking the Drive Fit

    4. Making the Plug

    5. Trimming the Baseplate and Countersinking for T-Nuts

    6. Sanding the Base Plate and Plug

    7. Pre-Setting the T Nuts

    8. Sealing the Baseplate and Setting the T-nuts

    1. Drilling the Side Channel Blocks for Retainer Pins

    2. Gluing up the Side Channel Assembly

    3. Marking the Sides and Ends for Channel Block Alignment

    4. Piloting and Pre-Screwing the Channel Blocks

    5. Drive Box Pre-Assembly

    6. Attaching the Perimeter Blocks

    7. Sanding the Drive Box

    8. Setting up for Epoxy Work

    9. Gluing the Drive Box Together

    10. Sealing the Drive Box with Epoxy

    11. Filleting the Inside Corners

    12. Drilling the Attachment Holes

    13. Varnishing the Drive Box and Cap/Plug

    1. Planning for and Clamping the Baseplate to the Frame

    2. Double Checking the Bolt Fit

    3. Fitting the Baseplate to the Canoe

    4. Attaching the Baseplate

    5. Varnishing the Baseplate

    6. Pre-Skinning Instructions

    7. Pedal Drive Specific Coating Instructions

    1. Gasketing the Drive Box and Cap/Plug

    2. Installing the Drive Box

    3. Drive Retainer Pins and other Miscellaneous Stuff

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