Course description

This video series walks you through the techniques, tricks, and systems I've developed over the years to help beginners build strong, lightweight, and finely crafted oars on the first try. The accompanying plan set serves as a quick reference for tool and wood selection, various building jigs, oar dimensions, and outrigger geometry.

The oars in these plans were originally modified from the Grant pattern Adirondack Guideboat oars. We have changed the dimensions slightly to accommodate for the softwood loom, added a slight increase in blade width due to the shorter length, and squared the upper loom so the oar can be used in a fixed pin configuration, or rounded for a free floating, featherable oar.

Our simple outrigger design can be mounted onto any Cape Falcon 66 Canoe and any other canoe with a robust enough gunwale to support the attachment point. With this simple fixed-seat rowing system, you can easily switch between rowing and paddling your canoe without a complex set up or break down. Enjoy the video course and the plans!

Course curriculum

    1. Course Introduction

    2. Downloadable PDF Plan Set


    4. Canoe Rowing Geometry

    1. Shop Setup and Tools

    2. Block Plane Selection and Sharpening

    3. Choosing and Cutting the Oar Wood

    4. Making the Oar Templates

    1. Building the Outrigger

    1. Cutting and Shaping the Handles

    2. Doweling and Drilling for Oar Pins

    3. Marking and Cutting the Loom

    4. Laminating the Blades

    5. Marking and Cutting the Blade Shape

    6. Rough Shaping the Blade

    7. Final Shaping of the Blade

    8. Shaping the Loom

    9. Finishing the Oars

    10. Oar Leathers and Pins

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