Occasionally, we hear from folks who have trouble viewing the video courses on their devices. Below are some of the most common issues we see, and some tips for troubleshooting both your account and your browser connectivity. Please work through the steps below, and if you continue to have trouble, email Liz at [email protected] for additional tech support.

1. Double-check that you're signed in

Double-check to make sure you're signed in. It sounds silly, but 99% of the time this is the problem.

Do you see your account name in the top right corner of the screen, or a "SIGN IN" link?

If you don't see your account name and the "MY DASHBOARD" link, click "SIGN IN" and follow the steps to log into your account.

2. Make sure you're viewing the course

If you're accessing a course from its description page instead of from your STUDENT DASHBOARD, make sure you click the RESUME COURSE link in the header to access the videos.

If you only see a gray COURSE CURRICULUM list but no video player, this might be the problem.

3. Are you on a mobile device?

If you are signed in on a mobile device and you're able to view videos, but can't find all the videos within the course, click the menu icon in the top left of the screen to access the full video list.

4. Troubleshoot your browser

Often, issues viewing videos are caused by a browser problem on the computer. We also recommend that all internet browsers be up to date. If you're not sure what browser you're using you can check out here: https://www.whatsmybrowser.org/

Here are some basic browser troubleshooting steps that are a great starting point

  1. Clear your cache and restart the browser. Also check if you’re using the newest version of the browser

  2. Try a different browser (Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox often work better than Safari)

  3. Try an Incognito / Private Window (this will rule out an issue with browser extensions).

  4. Restart the device (it's a cliche but it works!)

  5. If possible, try a different device!

  6. If possible, try a different internet connection!  School and/or corporate firewalls occasionally block our video provider. 

5. Get in touch

If you've gone through the steps above and continue to have issues loading videos, email [email protected]. Please include the email address attached to your account, and let us know what browser and device you're using.