Greenland Paddle Plans

taught by Brian Schulz
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Course Curriculum

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Course description

This six page plan set covers:

  • the tools you'll need
  • wood selection  
  • sizing information
  • step by step instructions
  • shaping details

It's designed to be used with our FREE Greenland Paddle building video. The overall building system I use is fast, easy, and reproducible even by people without a lot of woodworking skill. The shaping comes from almost 20 years of experience paddling with and teaching people to build thousands of Greenland paddles.  

I hope you enjoy the plans, thanks for supporting Cape Falcon Kayak!

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Brian Schulz
Brian Schulz

Hi, I'm Brian Schulz, owner and instructor for Cape Falcon Kayak. I've been teaching skin-on-frame boatbuilding since 2002. I'm passionate about skin boat design and and helping people learn this amazingly easy and fun boat building system. My other passions include sustainable agriculture, natural building, and off-grid living. Enjoy the classes, and email me if you have any questions.