Course description

If you're an experienced woodworker or have already built a few Greenland Paddles, this alternate shaping system can cut the work and time it takes to build a paddle in half!

In this video I show you the system that I use to shape my own blades and blades for customers. After getting hyper-organized and clamping the paddle at a perfect working height with lots of light, we will be working to the finished dimensions right from the start, leaving little margin for error, but also saving a bunch of time and effort.   

It takes me less than 2 hours start to finish to complete a Greenland paddle using this system.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Advanced techniques for carving Greenland Paddles

    • Introduction

    • Getting organized

    • Overview and demonstration

    • Shaping review and 2nd demonstration

    • Shaping the tips

    • Carving the shoulder and rounding the edge

    • Final thoughts on shaping and coatings