Steam bending kiln dried woods

(included in kayak building courses) | taught by Brian Schulz
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Steam bending kiln dried woods
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This document contains up to date information on the kiln dried woods that we have experimented with for steam bending, including notes and steaming times.  Want it for free?  Do your own experiment and submit your results for a refund, or email me ahead of time for a download code.   (video is included in kayak building courses)

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Brian Schulz
Brian Schulz

Hi, I'm Brian Schulz, owner and instructor for Cape Falcon Kayak. I've been teaching skin-on-frame boatbuilding for the last 15 years. I'm passionate about skin boat design and and helping people learn this amazingly easy and fun boat building system. My other passions include sustainable agriculture, natural building, and off-grid living. Enjoy the classes, and email me if you have any questions.