Course description

This video course and accompanying plan set are the most comprehensive guide available for installing footbraces and rudders in skin on frame kayaks.

We discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the four different types of footbraces and the two different rudders we commonly use — and when to use each of them ­— so you can make informed decisions when planning your build.

Our clear, concise installation videos will guide you through the process, helping you avoid common installation mistakes, and the 7-page downloadable PDF plan set offers a quick reference for tools, supplies, and relevant details.  

Course curriculum

    1. Downloadable PDF Plan Set

    1. Locating, Drilling, and Setting the T-nuts for the Footbrace Tracks (universal video for rudder and non-rudder control)

    2. Alternate Footbrace Attachment Method (universal video for rudder and non-rudder control)

    3. Attaching the Footbraces to the Drop Plate

    4. Final Foot Brace Install

    5. Attaching the Rudder Bracket

    6. Installing the Rudder Tubing

    7. Running the Cables in Sealect Footbraces (watch this video to 4:40 and then switch to the update video below)

    8. UPDATE Improved method for running cables in Sealect foot braces

    9. Attaching Sealect Rudder Cables

    10. Running the Cables in Smart Track Footbraces

    11. Attaching Smart Track Rudder Cables

    12. Rigging the Lift Line

    1. Locating, Drilling, and Installing T-nuts for Footbrace Attachment

    2. Alternate Footbrace Attachment Method

    3. Installing Sealect Footbraces in a Modern Skin on Frame Kayak (My F1 or LPB)

    4. Advantages and Disadvantages of Adding Footbraces to a Greenland Kayak

    5. Installing Smart Track Footbraces in a Greenland Kayak

    6. Installing Wilderness Systems Slide-lock Footbrace Tracks

    7. Installing Wilderness Systems Slide-Lock Footbraces

    8. Installing a Drop Kit (useful for people with small feet)

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