Course Description


Brian Schulz

Hi, I'm Brian Schulz, owner and instructor for Cape Falcon Kayak. I've been teaching skin-on-frame kayak building for the last 14 years. I'm passionate about skin boat design and and helping people learn this amazingly easy and fun boat building system. My other passions include sustainable agriculture, natural building, and off-grid living. Enjoy the classes, and email me if you have any questions.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Course introduction

  • 2

    Day 1, Building the deck

    • plan introduction

    • setting up the gunwales

    • kerfing the ends

    • NEW deck symmetry

    • lashing the ends together

    • prepping dowels

    • pegging the ends together

    • setting up the deck beams

    • an overview of mortise and tenon

    • mortise and tenon deck beams step 1

    • mortise and tenon deck beams step 2

    • mortise and tenon deck beams step 3

    • mortise and tenon deck beams step 4

    • mortise and tenon deck beams step 5

    • mortise and tenon deck beams step 6

    • assembling the deck

    • pegging the deck beams

    • trimming and planing the ends

    • flattening the greenland gunwales

    • marking the F1, F2, and LPB stems

    • marking the greenland stems

    • NEW selecting and prepping rib stock


    • NEW how I determine rib lengths

    • NEW measuring and cutting ribs

  • 3

    Day 2, Ribs, stems, and stringers.

    • Bending ribs and tying on stringers on the same day

    • setting up for rib bending

    • loading the steam box

    • steam bending the ribs

    • NEW Steam bending ribs video I made for YouTube

    • setting the F1, F2, and LPB keel heights

    • setting greenland kayak keel heights

    • pegging the ribs

    • centering the keel

    • lashing the keel on

    • fitting the F1, F2, and LPB stems to the keel

    • fitting the Greenland stems to the keel

    • cutting out the stems

    • marking and drilling for the stem lashings

    • lashing the stems on

    • pegging the keel to the stems

    • setting the F1, F2, and LPB stringers

    • setting the greenland stringers

    • lashing the stringers to the ribs

    • shaping and tying the stringer ends to the stems

    • gluing end blocks on the F1, F2, and LPB

  • 4

    Day 3, Finishing the frame, Greenland kayaks.

    • flattening and marking for greenland end plates

    • kerfing and chiseling for greenland end plates

    • cutting and pegging the greenland end plates

    • laying out the masik

    • fitting the greenland kayak

    • adding a foot brace to a greenland kayak

    • cutting out the heel rib on a Greenland kayak

    • fitting and pegging the masik

    • Fitting foredeck stringers to the West Greenland kayak

    • fitting foredeck stringers to the east greenland kayak

  • 5

    Day 3 Finishing the frame F1, F2, LPB

    • pegging the secondary stringer on the F1, F2, and LPB

    • cutting the pocket mortise for the deck ridge. F1, F2, and LPB

    • installing foot brace tracks

    • fitting the deck ridge and shaping the bow. F1, F2 and LPB

    • fitting and lashing the foredeck stringer to the F1, F2, and LPB

    • Adding the center deck ridge on the F2

  • 6

    Day 3, Finishing the frame, all.

    • adding aft deck stringers

    • drilling deck line holes

    • rounding and sanding the frame

    • oiling the frame

  • 7

    Day 4, Skinning the kayak

    • NEW tools and supplies you'll need for skinning

    • dealing with an undersized coaming

    • important note on the forward cockpit of an F2

    • NEW Upholstery thread vs. dental floss

    • NEW checking the frame for symmetry

    • NEW draping the cloth and pinning and cutting the stern

    • NEW sewing up the stern

    • sewing up the greenland bow and stern

    • NEW pinning and cutting the bow

    • NEW sewing up the bow

    • NEW stretching the skin and pinning the keel

    • NEW cutting the centerline

    • NEW lacing and tightening the skin

    • NEW trimming excess fabric

    • NEW sewing up the skin

    • NEW setting the coaming

    • setting the coaming (older video with useful views for Greenland kayaks toward the end)

    • NEW cutting the coaming circle

    • NEW stitching the coaming on

    • wetting, shrinking, and ironing the skin

    • dyeing the skin

  • 8

    Day 5, Coating the kayak

    • NEW Supplies for coating the kayak

    • NEW Re-checking the keel symmetry

    • Sewing a dart

    • NEW Mixing the goop

    • NEW Coating the hull

    • NEW Balancing the kayak on screws

    • NEW Coating the deck

    • NEW Coating the coaming

    • NEW Finishing touches

  • 9

    Day 6, Rigging the kayak

    • cutting and rounding leather deck lines

    • Making HDPE toggles and beads

    • making rub strips

    • marking and burning the deck line holes

    • threading the deck lines

    • making deck line "wire needles"

    • threading, tying, and gluing the grab loops

    • installing the rub strips

    • installing the foot braces

    • NEW installing the backband

    • pegging the east greenland deck line

    • cutting the seat pad

    • installing foam knee braces

    • NEW sealing the deck lines

    • NEW Adding perimeter lines